Raytech X-Series Table
A REVOLUTIONARY table that Cuts fast and accurately with sealed edges

Raytech X-Series Cutting Table
X-Series delivers better, faster, more efficient production

Our patented hold down technology eliminates sacrificial plastic overlays and can save significant running costs.

Our clients confirm that 30% productivity improvements result when compared to how they currently operate, based on the time saved by the elimination of manual trim cuts (over suction holes and joins) and plastic overlay (for suction) handling time.

What else is new with X-Series?

The vast majority of our blind and awning manufacturers need rectilinear cutting only, that is they cut a lot of rectangles. The X-Series has tooling set up for both X and Y axis to cut with knife or crush cut or ultrasonic according to needs. The result is fast cutting with sealed edge cutting with less complexity and a great price.

Raytech X-Series quality fittings


The X-Series is revolutionary in having 2 gantries rather than one – so one gantry pulls the fabric out and the second gantry holds down at that point – its all about efficiency, time and energy saved while being much better environmentally.

9 reasons why you should choose an X-Series Cutting Table Solution

  1. 1.

    Big wide and customizable length, suited to the widest fabric rolls

  2. 2.

    Automatic pull out of fabric and automatic and efficient hold down by second gantry

  3. 3.

    Servo motor accuracy without “homing” the table twice or more per day

  4. 4.

    Fabric hold down without 3 phase suction and without plastic overlays

  5. 5.

    Sealed edge cutting – by crush cut and ultrasonic as interchangeable tools

  6. 6.

    No manual trim cutting so delivering much greater efficiency

  7. 7.

    Sends cut list batches to the table via a LAN

  8. 8.

    Priced to reflect a great value proposition

  9. 9.

    Automatic nesting of blinds to deliver fabric savings

What about edge sealing?

For those clients requiring the edges to be non fray we offer a thick 13mm toughened glass deck which is actually a structural element. It has less wear than stainless steel and other deck materials and results in reduced tool wear. We offer two technologies to seal – crush cut and ultrasonic. Our German ultrasonic has 1000W of energy to seal the heaviest external mesh products.

X-Series Specifications

Rayteh X-Series has quality fittings
Description CNC X and Y Axis CUTTING TABLE.
Drive system  SERVO MOTOR Drives on ALL AxES
Overall Width 4000mm at WIDEST POINT OF GANTRY
Overall Length 7300mm (for 6 metre processing)
Frames large section aluminium frames
DECK Toughened Glass for sealed edge Cutting Polyethelene for Sharp Blade cutting Deck surface is flexible depending on tooling.

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