X-Series Fabric Cutting Table
Improved model that Cuts fast and accurately with ultrasoncs + seals the edge

X-Series Cutting Table made and supported in Australia Raytech X-Series

X-Series delivers better, faster, more efficient production. Cuts fabric for roller blinds, insect screens, exterior awnings and shades

Our patented hold down technology eliminates sacrificial plastic overlays and can save significant running costs. And now,  original design of Raytech has now been completed, improved and perfected by CNC design in Sydney, Australia.

The X-Series Fabric Cutting Table ensures textiles and fabrics are cut fast, accurately and with good edge quality. It is suitable for cutting almost all fabrics including sunscreens, outdoor mesh, exterior and interior textiles.


The latest version of the X-Series table for blinds has a glass deck (12mm thick) with crush cut and ultrasonic cutting tools for sealing fabric edges. For non fray products the table can also be supplied with plastic deck and pizza blade cutting. You will see in the video the auto moving clamp (separate gantry to the cutting gantry). This is extremely helpful as it hold fabric in tension for lengthways cuts (after we pull slight tension on it to flatten the fabric ) and it also provides additional fabric hold down (fully automatically) for all the table cross cuts. Our clients still have all the benefits of single phase (rather than the typical 3 phase) and hold down without expensive suction and plastic overlays. It also means you have no points (suction holes and joins in table deck) where the cut is compromised.

All the fabric handling is included which is important for the ease of operators normally having to move material around. It’s a lean green machine ready to deliver you efficiency gains over any comparable method of cutting Roller Blinds.

Raytech X-Series has many top cost effective
        and environmentally friendly features

Features and benefits of the X-Series Fabric Cutting Table

The table frame of the X-Series table is made from large section aluminium profile for strength and rigidity. The patented hold down technology (clamps and rolling elements) ensures a positive material hold down during cutting without the need for suction and plastic overlays.

The table requires only a 220-240 volt single phase electrical connection. Without the need for 3 phase power and suction and plastic overlays there are very significant savings compared to most present cutting platforms. It’s truly a Green machine that also delivers the highest productive output.

The round Blade Cutting tools are mounted on a moving gantry and has pressure adjustable regulators to maintain a pre-set cutting force on the tool using compressed air for either a sharp blade or a crush cut blade or an ultrasonic tool according to the customer needs. All cutting is in X or Y axis and performed under full CNC control. Both the X and Y axis directions are 100% presets so that the tool can only be in X or Y direction which means that the cutting heads can’t lose their accuracy of their squareness.

A marking pen is standard as is a laser pointer for non-contact location of the cut origin point and to ensure the job will fit on the fabric width or length. Printing of labels is an option.

Auto nesting and WiFi connection from your front office to the cutting table are standard turn on elements designed to enhance the efficiency of the table.

14-Step X-Series Cutting Table Production Flow Chart

  1. 1.

    Enter the fabric cut sizes, skin reference, fabric type, cutting method and enter into HMI Screen using the tablet provided.

  2. 2.

    Using HMI Touch Screen - open file and open job details on screen.

  3. 3.

    Locate the required fabric and load the material into the motorized fabric holder and load the edge of the fabric up to the fabric clamping zone

  4. 4.

    Press the pull out button and the fabric will be pulled out by the gantry

  5. 5.

    5. The gantry has fabric grabbers which advance the required material onto the table as far as calculated by the tablet and its nesting program

  6. 6.

    The fabric holder then releases the material and the motor driven fabric clamp moves into place and secures the material

  7. 7.

    The tensioning system on the fabric support roller then tensions the material

  8. 8.

    Select the file for the product to be cut and press START on HMI Screen

  9. 9.

    The gantry then automatically cut both Y axis cuts, starting from the clamped edge

  10. 10.

    10. The gantry then performs the X axis cuts. It engages a fabric clamp under the gantry for X axis cuts

  11. 11.

    We have a proprietary method to cut perfectly over the deck joins with any of our cutting tools

  12. 12.

    If the pen option is selected, a customer reference is marked in the top LH or Top RH corner. Alternative laser and marking options will be available soon

  13. 13.

    The HMI / Touch Screen will then confirm the panel(s) are cut and then ask if you wish to cut another skin or finish

  14. 14.

    The cutting gantry will then return to zero/zero location ready to remove fabric on table and load next fabric/job


Watch our video on the new X Series table cutting heavy external mesh like Mode and Outlook really nicely and easily. Throw away the hot knife!

The hold down works great and the rewards are now there to cut fast with either crush cut or ultrasonic depending on the edge sealing effect you wish to achieve. With the high powered German ultrasonic the cut speed of 21 metres per minute is impressive for heaviest external mesh like Outlook and Mode – we don’t know of any other CNC tables even able to cut and seal at all – let alone at this speed. And the glass simply doesn’t gouge like stainless and it is not compromised by suction holes! Our programmed sequence ensures the stitch cuts over the few table joins are done perfectly and fully automatically. We help to eliminate employee injury caused by having to rotate or move the material on and off the table.

On tables of 8m long processing area (or longer) we provide these with 3 gantries (2 for clamping / hold down and 1 for cutting).


This table has also been tested fully cutting insect screen – and it works superbly including the pick up and pull out. Insect mesh is quite floppy so we include additional clamps for pick up on this product.

Standard features X-Series Cutting Table

Fabric cutting width up to 3.2 metre wide on the X axis.
Standard cutting length panel up to 6.1 m on the Y axis, Extendable in 2.0 metre modules
A structural aluminium frame with a 200mm  x 75mm C shaped Outer channel.
The table sits on a series of 100 x 100 extruded aluminium legs with adjustable feet.
Table is traffic-able and can take a weight of 100 kgs
The table is supported with an extruded aluminium diagonal bracing system.
Fabric feed / roll support is with a 3 roller motorized design and features a re-roll function.
The rollers are 78 mm extruded aluminium and have an intermediate support which allows them to be fully supportive over the full width off the machine.
The fabric is clamped at the roller end with a pneumatically control clamp bar system which has a manual switch and is also controlled via the HMI screen.
The gantry has a clearance of 100 mm to allow easy access for manual fabric adjustment.
The main gantry is made from extruded aluminium
All drive motors and control motors are “servo” type and are manufactured in USA.
All air cylinders used in the clamping and table process are protected by an inline water trap and are controlled by the PLC via the HMI panel.
The tools are preset with pneumatic 90 degree turning motion between X and Y
In the sealing version both crush cut and ultrasonic are available
German Ultrasonic has 1000W of energy – more than 300% more than some others
Trim cut feature is available the job is finished to re-roll the fabric from the in-feed end
All functions are controlled by a HMI screen which has a series of touch buttons and is fitted in a suspended console
The PC “brain” is secured in the console and has both a manual data entry option and data entry via an IBM style tablet running Windows (supplied)
The machine will have the option of both bluetooth and wi-fi connection
The PLC features a dial in option for remote access for technical support and software updates

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