Updated for 2020: Our original design X-Series Cutting Table has now been completed, improved and perfected by CNC design in Sydney, Australia.

X-Series is suited to the widest fabric rolls. With automatic "pull out" of the fabric a second gantry ensures efficient fabric holding without the need for vacuum and plastic overlays. Add to this several interchangeable tools for crush-cut and ultrasonics for edge sealing and you'll see why this table delivers huge productivity improvements.

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X Series Cutting Table
  • Ultrasonics
  • Crush Cut
  • CNC X and Y axis cutting table
  • Motorised sliding bearing mounted carriage
  • Overall Width: 4000mm
  • Overall Length:7300mm (For 6 Meter processing)
  • Effective Cutting Area: 3200mm x 6000mm
  • Standard Table Height: 900mm
Raytech X-Series cutting table


Fabric Cutting & Plotting Table for XY & Curved Cutting

The V-Series vectoring cutter plotter ensure fabrics are cut fast and accurately with good edge quality. It is suitable for cutting almost all type of fabrics including blind fabrics, sunscreens, mesh and outdoor fabrics, canvas, vinyl, leather, rubber, gasket materials and cardboard. The table frame is made of powder coated steel for strength and the vacuum matrix table ensures a positive material hold down during cutting or plotting.

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V-Series Cutting Table
  • Sharp round blade
  • High Frequency oscillating knife blade
  • Pressurized round blade
  • Creaser
  • Pen
  • Ultrasonic Knife
  • Laser
  • Routing Head
V-Series Fabric Cutting Table


R3500 | R3700

The Raytech R-Series table cannot be compared to most cutting tables currently on the market. In manual form, the R series table requires only a ‘one finger’ effort to cut, and the bi-directional cutting head (cuts both from right to left and left to right) makes it extremely efficient. Combined with the backstop for delivering accuracy and squaring, even large blinds can be cut easily in 90 seconds (see video). It is also capable of cutting all your fabrics and screens, light curtain fabrics right through to heavy outdoor PVC, canvas and screen material for awnings. It can also handle double or even triple layer cutting if required. The table has a very tight tolerance and accuracy is lower than +/- 0.5 mm. This is due to the quality engineering of the table. The R-Series tables come in various cutting widths and lengths. Standard cut lengths are 3500mm and 3700mm but longer lengths can be quoted and custom built.

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R3500 / R3700 /  Product Features
  • Unique rotary shearing blade will cut any thickness fabric - even 2 layers
  • Can cut 6m drops by double layer cutting
  • Suitable for almost all blind fabrics including sunscreens
  • Blade lasts 6 months and longer (up to 12 months)
  • Tough strong Haematone powder coated frames made from Australian steel
  • Support and store up to 2 tonne of fabric under table
  • Full width backstop ensures accuracy and squareness
  • Safe and easy to operate - requires 1 finger effort to cut
  • Cutter is bi-directional - no need to home it after cuts
  • Clamp holds fabric 1 mm from cut for perfect straight cuts, no “skips” across weaves
  • Magnifier on measuring tape reduces mistakes and eliminates parallax error
  • Very stable table top (laminated both sides), easy glide surface to move fabric
  • Base model doesn't need power or air connections
  • Needle roller bearing mounted stainless steel rollers for fabric
  • Full width stainless steel infeed
  • Quick attach option for fast attaching fabric to roller tube
  • Tough water resistant boards laminated top and bottom and plastic edged for total stability
  • Special dimpled laminate to promote gliding of fabric
  • Can be powered - see "Options"
Processing Area
  • R3500: 3500 mm cut (138 inch) x 3400 mm (134 inch) measuring
  • R3700: 3700 mm cut (146 inch) x 4600 mm (181 inch) measuring)
  • Add 1200 mm (47 inch) panels to table length as needed
  • Custom Build up to 6000 mm cut stroke
  • Shearing action rotary blade / special tool inlay
  • Ultrasonic option
  • Motorized cut option
  • Heat Sealing
  • Creaser
  • Pressure cut (a superior crush cut
  • Quick attach for roller attachment to tube
Suited for these products
  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Open close Zebra roller Blinds
  • Awnings and exterior textiles
  • Insect mesh

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Raytech R Series Brochure Raytech R Series Brochure (924 KB)



The Matic M1 Automated Cutting Machines

The Matic M1 comes in 3 derivatives - M1, M1 Plus and M1 Ultimate. The different versions include various options for tooling and fabric clamping. All M1 tables provide full fabric handling so one person can operate the table with full efficiency. They are ideal for workrooms with high output requirements and for the cutting of screens, black-out, Zebra fabrics, clear PVC, canvas and polyester.

The novel clamping system eliminates the requirement for suction to hold down the fabric so no plastic overlays, no suction holes in the surface and no requirement for 3 phase power and no noise issue in the workroom. The M1 is also a very cost effective solution. In the simplest version the M1 cut tool is a pressurised round blade cutting in X and Y directions. If ultrasonic cutting is required it can be added on the far end of the table as a cross cutter. The M1 Ultimate has full X and Y cutting with both crush cut and ultrasonic tools and cuts on a glass covered table top.

It is always advisable to discuss the M1 table options with Raytech consultants as we will often custom make table additional table sections to enable the attachment of roller blinds to the tube or trim cut ultrasonically, and these modules can enable the M1 to be cutting the next batch more quickly.

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Matic M1 Product Features
  • Full Fabric handling brings fabric onto tables to allow a one person operation
  • Precise square and fast cutting
  • Transverse clamping under gantry is standard on all models
  • Unique longitudinal clamping (M1 Plus & Ultimate)
  • Can cut 6m drops by double layer cutting
  • Suitable for almost all fabrics including sunscreens, insect mesh, canvas & awnings materials
  • Cut Tooling is optional according to needs, Blade Cutter and Ultrasonic
  • Creasing and Pen marking are optional
  • Nesting and workflow programs available
  • Motorized horizontal storage of fabric under the table area is optional (Atlas H)
Processing Area
  • 3350 x 5000 (M1)
  • 3350 x 7000 (M1)
  • 3160 x 5900 (M1 Plus)
  • 3160 x 5900 (M1 Ultimate)
  • Pressurized rotary blade
  • Ultrasonics
  • Creaser
  • Pen
Suited for These Products
  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Open close Zebra roller Blinds
  • Awnings and exterior textiles
  • Insect mesh



M1 and M1 Plus Cutting Machine M1 and M1 Plus Cutting Machine (4644 KB)