About us
We DESIGN + manufacture innovative cutting solutions

Raytech Concepts

Raytech Technologies prides itself on developing and selling innovative concepts and solutions. The company began in 1994. Under the Raytech Technologies banner we manufactured lasers for alignment tasks and we sourced cutting lasers for machine builders. Around 2001 we started our involvement in the window coverings industry moving away from lasers to less complex machines. Specialty areas still include roller blind, roman blind and vertical blinds machines.

Our product and services

Raytech Technologies maintains a strong relationship with window coverings manufacturers however our areas of competence have broadened to include specialized machinery for:

Expanding our offering

Aluminium cutting and processing has become a major area of expertise and we are engaging with the windows and door manufacturing sectors where we can offer significant productivity advancements. We offer simple saws right through to complex multi axis CNC processing machines for cutting, drilling and routing.

Our product development skills have been supplemented by our valued partnerships with Oz Machine (Istanbul), Matic (Barcelona) and Micro Pneumatics (Leicester UK).


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Custom Solutions

The Raytech approach is to first to consider customer needs from an efficiency standpoint but also considering projects from a budgetary perspective. Our goal is always to make cost effective solutions for a targeted customer requirement.

Our customer base spans the globe from South Africa and Mauritius to India, Thailand and China to the USA, South America and Canada through to Europe.