Raytech U-Series welder
Neat, efficient attachment of edge treatments to textiles

Raytech U-Series Welding
Operator free, accurate welding giving you better returns for your bottom line.

U-Series Welder for edge attachment of keder, zips, splines or plain hems.

The U-Series Ultrasonic welder is a new alternative to impulse welding or high frequency welders. The welding head moves fully automatically to complete the required length of weld without any operator intervention and without re-positioning of the job. The result is comparable to an impulse welder and the weld time is only marginally longer for any given length.

The ease of positioning the attachment is a features of the design, indeed it is somewhat easier than an impulse welder because there is no large overhead structure to get in the way.

Raytech U-Series

Easy operation, efficient and better accuracy

Because there is only vertical motion happening to perform the bond there is no lateral movement of the fabric in relation to the weldment, so there are no forces to create the puckering that is common where any heated tooling moves laterally through the welding process. This is a problem associated with wedge welders and hot air welders. So both quality and accuracy are better assured.

The operating procedure is relatively easy and straightforward. There is no requirement for the operator to watch the process and he or she can prepare the next job while the welding process is happening so saving significant labour. No onerous re-positioning is required like small welders of 600mm or 800mm length of welder. 

U-Series is built to suit your needs

U-Series can be custom made in any length so an 8-meters weld or longer is possible (even up to 20-meter). Our recommendation is to select an appropriate length for a one pass operation to handle the majority of the work.

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Connects to standard 240v power

Another advantage of the ultrasonic process is that it requires 240v power only and so expensive 3-phase power consumption is avoided.

Unique for its size and investment in the Australian marketplace

On price point, the U-Series fits between the small RF style welders and the large impulse welders. And being Australian designed and manufactured it can be usually be supplied faster than the impulse welders that have long supply times and long shipping times.