The VB1 eliminates most labour cost from vertical louvre production. It auto stacks so the operator stands at the machine only to load fabric and enter up to 10 blinds. The VB1 delivers cost saving compared to manual or semi-auto operation, and is 100% accurate.

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Product Features
  • Stacks automatically in a perfectly neat pile
  • Fast, accurate and can do up to ten blinds in one operation
  • Output: 15 – 18 louvres / minute depending on length
  • Gives a fabric required and fabric used read out
  • Places marker tabs between blinds – for easy take off
  • Fabric-out sensors – auto stop until reloaded
  • Easy blind recalls for that extra louvre
  • Compact so it can fit in any workshop
  • Set up with your preferred top & bottom crease positions
  • Sloping windows mode included as standard
  • Swatch production feature
  • Compact – only 55cm x 120 cm footprint
  • Footprint — 55cm x 120cm
  • Optional: Rectangular Punch
  • Optional: Quiet compressor for filter regulator for air
  • All functions pneumatic with electric control via PLC
  • Guillotine cut – blade lasts up to a year between sharpening
  • 13mm Round punch standard
  • Optional 9 x 20 mm rectangular punch
  • Creaser Tool
  • Length accuracy via electric drive with encoder measurement
  • Pneumatically controlled collection pin to capture all processed louvres
Suited for these products
  • All vertical fabric includng translucent and block out fabrics

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Vertical Blind Production - VB1 Vertical Blind Production - VB1 (1037 KB)

Verticl Blind production - fast and economical


Quick, easy sewing of vertical louvres

The VBr-S machine is designed to process cut and creased louvers. It ensures that tops and bottoms of vertical louvres are sewn accurately at the correct pocket sizes with minimal skill required by an operator, certainly eliminating the need for a skilled machinist.

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A pre-creased louvre is fed in under a clear acrylic stop squaring with a pneumatic guide. A one touch paddle triggers start of louvre feed and needle feed sewing. An electronic eye controls the start and finishing (with back tacks) of the sewing operation. The operator is not required to feed the louvre and so during sewing he or she can be getting the next louvre ready to feed.

Product Features
  • Straight stitch only. Has fully auto locking stitch and thread trim.
  • The top or bottom pocket position is selected by a switch.
  • Installation is available but not a necessity. Advice and training is available from our expert technician regarding threads, initial training or ongoing operational assistance.
  • Internationally supported PLC and control system
  • Full fabric handling in feed system to maximize operator efficiency
  • Estimated Production rate 120-140 louvres per hour
  • Straight stitch only
  • Machine Type Brother Industrial – 7220 B Needle Feed Direct Drive
Suited for these products
  • 63mm ,89mm, 100mm 127mm width Vertical blind fabrics
  • Any fabric from 63 to 140mm can be processed with the VBr S
  • Translucent, patterned and blockout fabrics are all suitable

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Vertical Louvre Production - VBR-S Vertical Louvre Production - VBR-S (975 KB)



The Raytech VBR 100 SEWMASTER is an automated vertical blind work station. It is specifically designed so that cut and creased louvers (as taken off the VB1 machine) are easily sewn by an unskilled person for top pockets and bottom pockets, either chain version or chainless and has automatic positioning of the bottom weight for chainless style verticals.


The VBr 100 has a 150 mm x 100mm CNC processing area. It now has standard a touch screen that allows program changes to be done in house (training provided at installation).

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Product Features
  • High speed electronically controlled sewing machine with moving X/Y - table to create pocket seams on the top and the bottom of vertical blinds.
  • Full fabric handling in feed system to maximize operator efficiency
  • Straight stitch, zig zag stitch and U-Shape pocket closing seams on vertical blinds with up to four different widths (63 mm, 89 mm, 100 mm, 127 mm).
  • Far neater and consistent that an operator could ever be
  • Edge guides guarantee easy loading and a perfectly straight stitch line.
  • Pneumatic positioners to ensure bottom weights are located perfectly.
  • Top Pockets - the operator can load the louvre, complete with its hanger, for a finished top pocket in seconds. Hangers are sewn in during the process
  • All your vertical needs are programmed (Chain and chainless), easily selected.
  • When the sewn in louvres come off the VBr100 they are completely finished
  • A Clear Mono filament supplied by us can be used if needed
  • New touch screen allows simple programming changes to be done at the machine
  • On site training supplied to customize to your needs and to train your operator.
Product Specifications
  • Estimated Production rate 130-140 louvres per hour.
  • Up to four different widths (63 mm, 89 mm, 100 mm and 127 mm).
  • Straight stitch, zig zag stitch or any programmed stitch and U-Shape pocket closing seams.
  • Processing area VBr100 Sewmaster 150mm x 100mm.
  • Machine Type Brother Industrial – BAS (Brother Automated Systems) Range Direct Drive.

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Vertical Blind Sewing - VBr100 Auto Sew Vertical Blind Sewing - VBr100 Auto Sew (1068 KB)