Raytech X Series Fabric Cutting Table
With pressure ultrasonic & shear cutting

Raytech X Series X3500 Cutting Table
Features and Benefits of the X3500 Series Cutting Tables

Cut it once and cut it right. Sunscreen fabrics, translucent fabric, acrylic canvas, blackouts and heavy mesh.

The X Series Roller table represents the upper end of the traditional fabric cross cutting tables. The philosophy behind the X Series is “Cut in once , cut it right”. Fabric is still manually turned however it is still highly efficient with 4 cuts being performed comfortably in 90 seconds. This is aided by the table top laminate that traps air and allows fabric to glide on the textured surface.

The X Series is a motorized cutting table designed with quality long life components to run for two generations. The table frames are made of powder coated steel for strength and you can store over two tonnes of textile under the table if you wish.

The Lifting Tool Backtop

X3500 full view

The X Series comes standard with a full table width backstop which is belt equalized and glides freely. It runs parallel to the cut line and ensures blinds are cut accurately and square. It has a lever lock down to hold position. In lifted position fabric can slide underneath. This ensures fabrics are not damaged and assists to turn the fabrics. Or it allows fabric to be moved quickly to the end of the table for rapid attachment to the roller tube on the Raytech Quick Attach.

Mounted on the backstop is a large magnifier. It is positioned directly above the tape measure. This ensures very accurate reading of the tape (no matter where the operator head is positioned) and so minimizes the chance of error.

A motorized backstop with data entered by touch screen is the fastest and most automated option. At installation we ensure the table will be accurate and square to less than 0.5 mm.

X3500 quality fittings

Cutting tool options

The cutting carriage has the option of 3 selectable tools suitable for cutting almost all fabrics - from the sheerest fabrics to heaver mesh or canvas fabrics.

Pressure Cutter
Suited to economically crush and seal the edge of most sunscreens
Ultrasonics Motorised sliding bearing mounted carriage
Shearing Cutter Fast cut for black out, heavy mesh or canvas

X3500 Roller Table Specifications

X3500 Quality Fittings
Description Single Axis cutting bench integrated into Cutting table. 
Drive system  Motorised sliding bearing mounted carriage
Overall Width X3500: 4000mm at bridge
Overall Length X3500: 3800mm 
Specified Cut Stroke Length X3500: 3500mm  

Standard Table Height


Max measured length with B’stop

Frames Powder coated steel frames
Work area support  Moisture resistant Structural Laminated Board

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