Raytech OZ-Stop Measuring System the perfect complement to the Meteor Up saw range

Designed to be robust. And it's the perfect partner to the Meteor Up saw range.

Eliminate errors, save time, improve production times

The OZ-Stop Measuring System offers a great value equation, making a compelling case to eliminate mistakes and to save time in data entry and stop positioning. The system is a works seamlessly with any up saw from the Meteor Range.  

Raytech Oz Stop Measuring

Standard Measuring Lengths

3 metres, 4 metres and 6.5 metres

Upgrade Options

  • Bump Stop can be upgraded to be 400 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm
  • Bump stop can also be a “Fold Up” type
  • WIFI, Bluetooth and Remote Access support module are all options
  • Label printer option includes a tray attached to the control cabinet.
  • CSV File loading option to upload Excel spreadsheets is available

Saw Integration Option

We are also able to offer an integration module to connect an air cut / clamp type up cut saw to our stop to make it an automated PUSH cutting system.

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  • Housing in attractive extruded aluminium
  • Internal drive trolley is an 8 wheel / dual axis unit is self aligning for trouble free running
  • All trolley guide wheels are sealed stainless steel with Delrin moulded contact wheel
  • Trolley is driven with a dual drive belt concealed inside the housing.
  • The drive belts are reinforced with steel cables moulded within them.
  • Connection to the stop is via back of extrusion with a dual brush curtain to stop swarf entry
  • Drive motor is located at end of stop opposite the saw to reduce swarf contamination
  • Motor is a heavy duty SERVO type with high torque
  • The motor has a smart start and stop feature.
  • The system has a reset function which can be reset at any time.
  • Heavy Duty bump / push stop is made from 10mm thick aluminium and is 300mm wide.
  • Control cabinet is powder coated aluminium
  • HMI screen is a 5 inch x 7 inch unit in colour
  • Machine control system is PC based
  • 2 x USB ports are included and are located in the control cabinet
  • Power On / Off is with a keyed switch
  • Emergency stop is located on the side of the control cabinet
  • All motor covers and trays, console and stop are powder coated
  • Integrated tray will also hold all working notes and marking pens.