Raytech H Series
hot air welding for industrial fabrics

Hot air fabric welding - Raytech H Series
Simple, fast hot air fabric welding

Sail fabrics, tents, external weather covers, tarpaulins, architectural structures or sunblinds and more

Hot air welding has some distinct advantages over other joining technology. The Swiss made Leister units we work in our installations are a key success factor to get a strong and consistent result for hot air fabric welding.

Hot air welding processes can include zippers, keders, splines, straight hems, edge reinforcing and overlaps.

Hot air welding install options

Welding can be done by moving the hot air welding device or by moving the product to be hot air welded. With Raytech’s new H Series we offer either solution.

Leister's hot air generating unit controls the temperature and the feed rate of the material. In summary, there are 3 ways you can proceed with installation of hot air welding  - 

  1. Raytech can sell you a Leister hot air welding unit that will quickly and simply clamp onto your bench and it will come with an appropriately sized weld width nozzle , drive roller and one basic hem guide. Prices for this unit starts at just above what you’ll pay for an industrial sewing machine.
  2. Raytech can receive your edge attachments (zips keders etc) . We then make customized guides to ensure you get a great and accurate result with your particular attachment. Each job is quoted according to the attachments required.
  3. Raytech will build you a bench of any length you require and it will be fitted with a fully integrated moving hot air device. The bench will be set up with guides for the operator to easily align product and attachments. The operator then simply starts the welding process. It’s quick, accurate and consistent. And the price for this automation will be generally lower than comparable machines.

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Hot air fabric welding by Raytech - H Series

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