Why choose a Matic Ares Impulse welder as your next welder?

- Monday, November 28, 2016
Why choose a Matic Ares Impulse welder as your next welder?

Matic Ares is the only impulse welder supplier with patented SEAMLESS WELDING. On mesh and sunscreen textiles the weld is virtually invisible from the front of the product and is very neat even from the welded side. This is a significant advantage. An overlap or pocket weld or reinforced edge that is almost invisible is definitely a marketable commodity.

Efficiency and consistency is greater with a single weld instead of multiple re-positionings of a product. Ares can also weld many small pieces in one go. And Aries Plus can store whole sequences of a production cycle so no guessing or looking up settings and this makes for a faster more consistent product. Automatic pocket formers and pneumatic positioning are all potential contributors to efficiency. We will evaluate your needs and offer you the best configured Ares or Ares Plus welder.

Impulse welders are safer. Just take a radio near an RF welder – there is often so much Radio frequency  coming off many cheaper RF welders that the radio will get drastic crackling or even stop altogether. And that may be potentially harmful levels of RF. Play it safe with impulse power!   

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