The most effective cutting tables for window coverings
Versatile textile welding for all kinds of textiles.
Manufacturing vertical blinds - quick, easy sewing of vertical blind louvres
Safe, fast, accurate aluminium and PVC cutting
CNC Routing Panel Processing Machine

Special solutions for aluminium and PVC windows, vertical blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds, shade products and general routing applications

Our range of manufacturing equipment includes  Fabric Cutting Tables , Roller and Awning Tables, Vertical Blind Machines, Saw and Welding,  Composite Panel Processing.

  • Raytech Concepts - Innovation in manufacturing equipment for blinds and verticals, roller tables, saws and welding.


    Concept engineering starts at the machine design and flows through every facet of our machines.
  • Raytech Concepts - Our equipment is built to last


    Every machine is built strong and built to last. Heavy steel frames, quality components, rigorous QA.
  • Raytech Concepts - delivering you a better bottom line.


    Consistency is up, delivery time is down. Payback is fast and speed contributes to a bigger bottom line.
  • Raytech Concepts - building great business relationships.


    We are about long term relationships and assisting our customers to grow their business.