Raytech specializes in vertical machines. From the cut, punch and crease of fabric through to weights insertion and completion of louvre sewing, Raytech has improved consistency and quality and drastically lowered the need for skilled labour.

— for the best productivity in Vertical Blinds.

R3100 cutting table from Raytech Concepts - our best quality cutting table.

R 3100 - simply the best value & quality cutting table

Roller tables - for all our tables the goal is the cut the fabric and textile efficiently.

XR7000—the most productive Roller Blind Table

Manufacturing vertical blinds - quick, easy sewing of vertical blind louvres

Quick, easy sewing of Vertical Louvres.

We make fabulous solutions that work
for window coverings and shade industries

Our range of manufacturing equipment includes Roller and Awning Tables, Vertical Blind Machines, Saws and Welding equipment.

Roller Tables

A table to suit every customer and budget from a small home based work room right up to the largest manufacturers. For all our tables the goal is to cut fabric and textile efficiently while ensuring accuracy and squareness.

The XR7000

The ultimate blind and textile manufacturing machine — the latest high production tool for cutting textile and window coverings. It features fully automatic fabric handling and multiple tool options. These include pressure cutter, ultrasonic cutter, creaser, pen, print head, and custom tools as required. Nesting of shapes and blinds is automatic. Positioning is by low maintenance servo motors and toothed axis so there are no belts to stretch and no loss of accuracy. Support is web based and warranty is 2 years.

XR7000 Product Information

Standard Features

  • 3200mm x 6000 processing area
  • Crush cut & creaser tooling and very stable stainless steel deck
  • 10 position tool changer with automatic tool selection
  • Full fabric handling to do trim cut and load fabric onto table
  • Strong fabric hold down suction and clamping mostly eliminates need for plastic overlays or tape
  • Servo motor & toothed drives - high speed accuracy that won€t stretch, slip or need calibration, low maintenance requirements
  • Full fabric optimizing nesting software (MS Windows friendly)
  • Web based support
  • Sensor based safety systems
  • Laser digitizing to copy a shape
  • 2 Year standard warranty
Processing Area

3510 mm x 5000 mm

Tooling / Cutting Method
  • Crush Cut onto stainless deck
  • Creaser Tool
  • Pen to write product description onto top corner of blind
  • Optional Ultrasonic Cutter (900 Watts of power)
  • Optional compact print head for more complex printing needs
  • Special knives
  • Drills and router bits
  • Up to 10 different tools are possible
Suited for these products
  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Awnings
  • Shade structures
  • Sails
  • Vinyls and Fibreglass mat
  • Any simple or complex cutting

The R3100

More manual and lower cost but still offers highly efficient cutting.

R3100 Product Information

Standard Features

  • Unique rotary shearing blade will cut any thickness fabric - even 2 layers
  • Can cut up to 6m drops by double layer cutting
  • Suitable for almost all blind fabrics including sunscreens
  • Blade lasts 6mths and longer (up to 12 months)
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel frames can support 2 tonne of fabric under table
  • Stainless steel in-feed and fabric support rollers
  • Full width backstop ensures accuracy and squareness
  • Safe and easy to operate - requires 1 finger effort to cut
  • Cutter is bi-directional - no need to home it after cuts
  • Clamp holds fabric firmly
  • Magnifier on measuring tape reduces mistakes and eliminates parallax error
  • Very stable table top (laminated both sides), easy glide surface to move fabric
  • Base model doesn't need power or air connections
  • Affordable - great value
  • Can be powered - see "Options"
Processing Area

3200 mm x 3550 mm

Tooling / Cutting Method
  • Rotary shear gives long lifetime fray free cutting
  • Optional Creaser Tool (Bolt on device at non cutting end of table)
  • Optional Quick attach: a spring loaded device to attach fabric to roller tube
  • Optional Roller wind up device
  • Ultrasonic Version in Europe
Suited for these products

  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Open close roller Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Any simple cutting
  • Double layer cutting

The U3000

For the highest quality in a powered single axis, cross cutting table.

We still manufacture the renowned Ultra 3000 for those customers wanting the best in cross cutting tables. The U3000 produces an outstanding edge quality with switchable cutting tools (pressure cutting and Ultrasonic tools).

Raytech U3000 Cross Cutting Table

U3000 Product Information

Standard Features

  • Large 3510 mm cut stroke
  • Steel frame for greater strength
  • Linear rails with integrated belt drive will last 20 years plus
  • SEW Eurodrive electric motors and gearboxes
  • German Pneumatics
  • Stable laminated table tops (laminated both sides)
  • Accurate and square cutting with full width backstop
  • Easy to operate controls including speed control
  • "Soft" start to each cut
  • Sealed Edge cutting with Pressure Cutting
  • Pressure cutting is very economic cutting
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Optional with Ultrasonic (switchable)
Processing Area

3510 mm x 4830 mm (maximum backstop extension)

Tooling / Cutting Method

  • Pressure Cut (air powered upper blade pressure cutting onto driven anvil)
  • Optional Quick attach: a spring loaded device to attach fabric to roller tube
  • Optional Ultrasonic (switch selectable)
Suited for these products

  • Roller Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Any single layer cutting

Vertical Machines

Raytech specializes in vertical machines. From the cut, punch and crease of fabric through to weights insertion and completion of louvre sewing, Raytech offers improved consistency and quality and drastically lowers the need for skilled labour. There is a fast payback on all our vertical machines.

The VB1–the best productivity machine for Verticals

If you manually cut, punch crease louvres for over 1 hour per day the VB1 will actually save you money!

VB1 Product Information


  • Stacks automatically in a perfectly neat pile
  • Fast, accurate and can do up to ten blinds in one operation
  • Output: 15 – 18 louvres / minute depending on length
  • Gives a fabric required and fabric used read out
  • Places marker tabs between blinds – for easy take off
  • Fabric-out sensors – auto stop until reloaded
  • Easy blind recalls for that extra louvre
  • Compact so it can fit in any workshop
  • Set up with your preferred top & bottom crease positions
  • Sloping windows mode included as standard
  • Compact – only 55cm x 120 cm footprint

55cm x 120cm

Tooling Specs
  • All functions pneumatic with electric control via PLC
  • Guillotine cut – blade lasts up to a year between sharpening
  • 13mm Round punch standard
  • Optional 9 x 20 mm rectangular punch
  • Creaser Tool
  • Length accuracy via electric drive with encoder measurement
  • Pneumatically controlled collection pin to capture all processed louvres
Suited for these products

All vertical fabric includng translucent and block out fabrics

The VBr-S Sewmaster

Quick, easy sewing of Vertical Louvres

The VBr-S machine is designed to process cut and creased louvers. It ensures that tops and bottoms of vertical louvres are sewn accurately at the correct pocket sizes with minimal skill required by an operator, certainly eliminating the need for a skilled machinist.


A pre-creased louvre is fed in under a clear acrylic stop squaring with a pneumatic guide. A one touch paddle triggers start of louvre feed and needle feed sewing. An electronic eye controls the start and finishing (with back tacks) of the sewing operation. The operator is not required to feed the louvre and so during sewing he or she can be getting the next louvre ready to feed.

VBr-S Product Information


  • Straight stitch only. Has fully auto locking stitch and thread trim.
  • The top or bottom pocket position is selected by a switch.
  • Installation is available but not a necessity. Advice and training is available from our expert technician regarding threads, initial training or ongoing operational assistance.
  • Internationally supported PLC and control system
Product Specifications
  • Estimated Production rate 120-140 louvres per hour
  • Straight stitch only
  • Machine Type Brother Industrial – 7220 B Needle Feed Direct Drive
Suited for these products
  • 63mm ,89mm, 100mm 127mm width Vertical blind fabrics
  • Any fabric from 63 to 140mm can be processed with the VBr S
  • Translucent, patterned and blockout fabrics are all suitable

The VBr 100 and VBr 60 Sewmaster

Makes a complex task simple, quick and economical

VBR Sewmaster Description

The Raytech VBR 100 SEWMASTER is an automated vertical blind work station. It is specifically designed so that cut and creased louvers (as taken off the VB1 machine) are easily sewn by an unskilled person for top pockets and bottom pockets, either chain version or chainless and has automatic positioning of the bottom weight for chainless style verticals.

VBR 60 and 100 Sewmaster Options

The VBr 100 has a 130 mm x 100mm CNC processing area. In some cases we are able to provide a VBr 60 (130mm x 60mm processing) to do a similar job. This is dependent on the pocket sizes and customer requirement especially the pocket closure.

Bottom weights for chainless verticals

VBR 100 Product Information


  • High speed electronically controlled sewing machine with moving X/Y - table to create pocket seams on the top and the bottom of vertical blinds.
  • Straight stitch, zig zag stitch and U-Shape pocket closing seams on vertical blinds with up to four different widths (63 mm, 89 mm, 100 mm, 127 mm).
  • Edge guides guarantee easy loading and a perfectly straight stitch line.
  • Pneumatic positioners to ensure bottom weights are located perfectly.
  • Top Pockets - the operator can load the louvre, complete with its plastic hanger, for a finished top pocket in seconds.
    All your vertical needs are programmed (Chain and chainless), easily selected.
  • On site training supplied to customize to your needs and to train your operator.
Product Specifications
  • Estimated Production rate 130-140 louvres per hour.
  • Up to four different widths (63 mm, 89 mm, 100 mm and 127 mm).
  • Straight stitch, zig zag stitch or any programmed stitch and U-Shape pocket closing seams.
  • Processing area VBr100 Sewmaster 130mm x 100mm.
  • Processing area VBr 60 Sewmaster 130mm x 60mm.
  • Machine Type Brother Industrial – BAS (Brother Automated Systems) Range Direct Drive.
Suited for these products
  • 63mm ,89mm, 100mm 127mm width vertical blind fabrics.
  • Translucent, patterned and blockout fabrics are all suitable

Saws & Welding

Raytech specializes in saws suited to the cutting all aluminium profiles including windows and door frames. Another specialty area is pulse welding for welding joins or pockets in window coverings, awnings, shade structures or most technical textiles. And for calculating the fabric needed for a job and optimizing the cutting of products like roller blinds Raytech offers the Optimizer software.


Safe, Fast, Accurate Aluminum and PVC Cutting

Meteor Saw Features


  • Clamps to firmly clamp job on in and out feed.
  • Completely shrouded blade for safe operation
  • Interlocks on hinged cover.
  • 2 button saw operation for safety
  • Blade action from underneath - fully speed controlled and auto retraction after cut
  • High quality saw Blade – 400 mm
  • Quiet operation
  • Mister to lubricate blade is standard
Motorized In or Out Feed
  • Conveyor positions the end stop after value is entered via a touch-operated digital screen
  • The auto positioning end stop can move the material into cut position
  • Maximum positional error 0.2 mm
  • 2 , 4 , or 6 metre available (2 and 3 m modules)
  • Easy attachment of the conveyor to the saw
Double ended Saws
  • Several models.
  • Auto positioning Mitre cut
  • Vertical or horizontal cutting action
Meteor Saw specs
  • Saw diameter 400mm
  • Pneumatic electro cutting process
  • Standard 3 phase motor
  • Double clamps either side of cut
  • Lubrication and cooling system
  • Adjustable feed rate
  • Safety interlocks on Hood
  • Safe 2 button operation
  • 90cm x 92cm Footprn
Suitable for these products
  • All aluminium Profiles
  • All PVC profiles

The Shadesealer

FM Pulse-type Heat Sealer specially designed for use with all shade materials. Sealer uses Novaseal's proprietary frequency modulated pulse sealing technology. The best machine for sealing shade materials including screens.

Pulse Welding makes the fastest most reliable, best quality and energy friendly seals. Small versions are available.

Novaseal ShadeSealer - FM Pulse type heat sealer

Shadesaler product information

Product specificaitons
  • Power 40 Amp
  • Most seals are done in 10 seconds
  • Standard Overlaps 6.35mm / 12.7mm
  • Pocket former customized to your requirements
  • Warranty period — 5 years
Suitable for these products
  • Sunscreens
  • Awnings fabrics
  • Technical textiles and Membranes
Novaseal Pulse type heat sealing

Optimizer Software — cut your fabric bill by over 10 %

There are three versions of Optimizer. Its primary function is to save fabric by working out the best way to cut a job and can print diagrams of exactly how to cut the job. Optimizer also calculates the fabric length you need to order. It is even possible to capture your blind making knowledge in the form of all your allowances and deductions and crease patterns, produce your internal work orders and manage your fabric remnants.

There are 3 core products ~

  • Fabric Saver
  • Batch Easy
  • Workroom Manager

Fabric Saver

  • Stand Alone Software – easy installation – an ideal first step
  • Generates fabric savings for any style of cut table

Efficient cutting of fabric can generate fabric savings of 10% and higher. Imagine this amount added to your bottom line!

Fabric saver uses the data (the fabric sizes to be cut) to work out the best way to cut it. It then provides complete sets of cutting instructions to the table operator even down to the positioning of the fabric. Fabric Saver automatically leaves the most useful size of remnant.

Raytech Concepts - Fabric Saver

Batch Easy

Efficient cutting of fabric can generate fabric savings of 10% and higher.

  • A good choice for manufacturers who already have electronic blind data / recipes.
  • Generates fabric savings for any style of cutting table (XY, cross cut, manual or auto)
  • Direct download possibility to cutting tables for cutting and roman creasing
  • Can link to and manage Remnants for even greater savings

Batch Easy uses your data (fabric and final cut sizes) to optimize the cutting. Cutting table operators can receive the cutting directions by printed cut sheets or direct to an automated table, eliminating data entry at the table. Batch Easy allows supervisors to easily view on screen the fabric description and fabric lengths required for production.

Workroom Manager

Efficient cutting of fabric can generate fabric savings of 10% and more.

  • Suitable for any size blind manufacturer
  • Estimates fabric required and tracks fabric orders
  • Produces simple internal work orders for fabric and aluminium
  • Recipes (formulas / deductions) are preloaded (5 styles included) to ensure accurate final cut sizes
  • Generates fabric savings for any style of cutting table (XY, cross cut, manual or auto)
  • Can link to and manage Remnants for even greater savings (option)
  • Capture your business "know-how"
Workroom Manager - Optimiser Software

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